A while ago I caved and ordered more ELF products, oops? This time I decided to buy some more products I haven’t tried before. I also repurchased the Under-eye Primer and the Mineral Eyelid Primer because I really liked them! You can find my first ELF Haul here
Here are the products I got with reviews:

  • Concealer & highlighter for eye contour – €4
This is a great product to pop in your bag, it’s very versatile! The concealer works perfectly for me. The highlight is maybe a bit too liquid and not very shimmery but good enough, especially for this price. This is a steal

  • Makeup lock & seal – €4
I don’t really like this product because I don’t know what this could be useful for, I already have primers and setting sprays and powders that help me set my makeup so I don’t usually grab this product. I also hate the way you apply this, it’s not quick or easy to be honest. This is skip.

  • Glitter Primer – €2,5
Just like the other eyeshadow primer this is a steal! It works great and is just a little thicker than the normal primer which makes glitter shadows stick better.

  • Shimmering facial highlighter – €1
I am IN LOVE  with this highlighter, it’s so cheap and easy to use. It gives a nice light and sheer glow. Definitely a steal! And probably a dupe for many expensive high end highlighters or illuminators. The highlight doesn’t pick up on camera very well but it seems very natural in real life.

  • Baked bronzer powder – €4
It was really difficult to get this swatch on camera because it’s very sheer and light! It’s super pretty though, for some skin colours this could definitely be a highlight. It’s buildable but never very dark. 

  • Tone correcting concealer (Rosy beige)- €1
  • Tone correcting concealer (Ivory)- €1
These concealers are perfect to pop into your handbag or travel bag because they’re so tiny. I love the fact that there are a lot different shades and undertones available which makes it a great pick when you like using different concealers on different areas like me.

They feel great on the skin and don’t get cakey. One thing that I found strange is that they have a very very strong scent, I like the scent they have but I’m pretty sure not everyone wants a scented concealer on their face. For the price, this is definitely a steal

  • Jumbo lip gloss stick – €2,5

This is definitely a steal! I love the way this applies, it’s very sheer like a lipgloss but it isn’t sticky. It’s kind of like a non-greasy tinted lipbalm. It’s easy to throw in your bag when you want some easy on-the-go lipcolor. I might order some more of these colors in my next ELF order.

  • Long-wear lipliner pencil – €1
I guess for the price this is an ok lipliner pencil but the quality of the pencil itself isn’t amazing, it crumbles. The pigmentation is alright. Also I think it’s kind of useless to get a sharpener with every pencil. For me this is a skip.

  • Jumbo eyeshadow stick – €2,5
This is a really easy way to get a coloured base on your eyelid, it’s not very pigmented but your can layer and spread this as much as you like, for me it’s a steal! It can also be used in a smoky smudged eyeliner look.

  • Smudge pot – €2,5
Super easy shimmery eyeshadow base or it can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow for a basic ‘no make-up’ look. This is definitely a dupe for the Mac Paintpot. This is a steal and I’ll be buying more of these! 

  • Flawless eyeshadow – €2,5

I’m not that impressed by this product, I think it’s great for beginners and it’s super easy to travel with but for me personally it’s a skip. The pigmentation and stay of this product is very good considering the price.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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