Hey babes! I picked up these two Essie polishes because I needed a new base- and topcoat and I thought I’d give you a quick review. I bought the Help Me Grow Basecoat and the No Chips Ahead Topcoat, these two are advertised together as well as mentioned on each other’s packaging.

The base coat can be used as a clear coat to give your nails some extra strength and growth and I have to say I really like to use it this way! Between polishes I leave my nails bare for a few days and then I apply a coat of the Help Me Grow, I haven’t noticed much of an increase in nail growth but my nails seem to tear and chip less when I’m wearing this.

When I wear nail polish I use these two combined and the basecoat works just fine, nail polishes glide right on and don’t stain my nails even after 1-2 weeks. But the No Chips Ahead topcoat just doesn’t work for me. It has a really beautiful shine and dries quickly but it chips so badly!

(The Help Me Grow basecoat.)
I have tried cheaper top coats that work better and to be honest I was very disappointed. I’ve tried Essie polishes and others such as OPI and Ciaté OPI and Ciaté perform the best so far and to my surprise Essie polishes just don’t. Once it starts chipping, big chunks come off and you basically need to take off everything.
I didn’t have this issue while using the basecoat with another topcoat and I’m not sure but the chipping seems less bad when I use a different basecoat with the No Chips Ahead. I’m afraid the combination of these two just doesn’t work for me.. 
Anyway, hope you liked this honest review! 
Thanks for reading,
xoxo Christine 

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