Hey babes! Something a little different today! A few weeks ago I received an email from Simple Green Smoothies, a website that has a lot of different smoothie recipes and meal plans. There was a discount on a meal plan, I was intrigued so I checked out the description, ‘Thrive’ is a 7 day ‘detox’ meal plan and it looked super healthy. I had tried their 30 day smoothie challenge before and loved the recipes. 

I was feeling a bit down because I’d been eating quite badly lately so I felt like a could use a mental reset to be healthy again. I didn’t want to do an unhealthy detox that required drinking only juices or barely eating anything and this meal plan seemed very balanced but very strict at the same time which was exactly what I needed. I needed to prove to myself that I could survive without soda, candy and eating out and all of the other bad processed food I had been eating, so I decided to give it a shot!

The plan included a shopping list and a lot of prep tips to prepare yourself the weekend before the detox. Already I noticed some flaws in the plan:
* some products were missing on the list
* some products I didn’t use during the detox (or barely used)
* it was very expensive
* I had to ‘invest’ in some products such as spices, oils,.. 
* my fridge was too small (haha oops)
* some products were hard to find (American products)
* some products weren’t in season (maybe they are in America?)
Besides those points the shopping list was quite thorough and very versatile, I did spend a lot of money this week, over 100 euros to buy all of the products, I’m sure there are cheaper alternative such as discount shopping and markets, and I had to buy a lot of the oils & spices which a lot of people already own. 
The biggest part of the plan were of course the recipes, I encountered some issues with these:
* you definitely need a big blender and a food processor
* it included a recipe that used a spiralizer which I don’t own
* some recipes were repeated (I don’t like eating the same things very often)
* I didn’t enjoy a lot of the spices and flavors (but that’s just me maybe)
* mostly raw (rarely any cooked foods)
There were also a lot of good points of course: 
* easy recipes (I’m not much of a cook)
* very fresh and healthy 
* surprisingly filling
* some very original recipes (things I had never tried before!)
* didn’t feel like I was eating ‘detox foods’
For me personally this detox was a very interesting experience, I learned a lot of new techniques and recipes and I discovered that eating healthy does require a lot of time and effort but it is worth it. I felt super energetic after a few days. I do have to say that because you are eating a lot of vegetables and barely any fibre, your digestion may be a little disturbed. I did get the flu at the end of this week, my family members were ill before me, but I think my immunity might have been a bit lower due to the detox.
I also recommend doing this in a quiet week when you have a lot of time. If you want to do this to lose weight, don’t do it. You lose a little weight but this is water weight that you will gain again. If like me you just need a kick start to reset your unhealthy eating pattern, go right ahead. 
But remember that this is very intense and can be very frustrating as well. In my opinion, it is a healthy way to ‘detox, you are getting your nutrients and not starving yourself, however, this is not a way you always should eat, because of the lack of grains and omega fats, etc. 
Anyway, I hope you liked this little ‘experiment’, I hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to ask me any questions about my experience in the comments!
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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