Hey babes! I bought a Makeup Eraser because I was so curious to see if it actually works! I use so many cotton pads or makeup wipes, I really want to try products like these to minimise my waste. For this post I used it on a natural makeup look and on a heavy eye makeup look. 
The first time I tried it I was wearing a lot of foundation but nearly no eye makeup. Sorry about the ‘crappy’ iphone pictures, I wasn’t sure how messy it would get so I didn’t want to bring my big camera in to the bathroom haha! In the end, it wasn’t very messy at all!

As you can see, the makeup eraser takes off all the makeup. I was so excited to see that it actually works! The only thing it’s not amazing at is removing mascara. I used some oil cleanser afterwards.

This is how much of the eraser I needed to remove half of my makeup, the great thing is that you can use a small spot to take of a lot of makeup. I used the same spot again and the other half came off easily as well. 

One side takes of makeup and the other side, with longer fibres, is actually exfoliating, I used this and some more of my mascara came of. This side is also very soft, my skin felt great afterwards, this doesn’t feel harsh at all!

The second time I tried it I was wearing a lot of foundation and heavy eye makeup, this look was made by my good friend and makeup artist Arkee!

Here you can see I removed half of my makeup within seconds, it’s super quick and easy to use. Even the eyeliner came off like it was nothing!

This is what the beauty eraser looks like after using it twice, I could definitely use this another 1-2 times! I’ve already purchased another one so I can rotate them. You just put this in the washing machine with your laundry to clean it, so having two makes it a lot easier!

I’m so glad I tried this product! I definitely recommend it, if you want to try it as well you can buy them on the Beauty & Bobs website, that’s where I bought mine! 
Did you like this kind of post? Which product do you want to see me test out next, tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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