Hey babes! I wanted to share some tips with you on how you can make easy lifestyle changes that benefit our environment! Keep reading to find out what you can do! 😉

– Hydrate in style –

I always drink from reusable bottles and I know a lot of people do this as well! But you can also use a reusable coffee tumbler, you can even get a discount a Starbucks if you bring a reusable bottle! If you don’t drink from plastic bottles you can avoid using almost 1500 small plastic bottles, how crazy is that?

– Bring your own bag –

In Belgium bringing your own bag to the supermarket has almost become the norm but I see a lot of people still asking for plastic bags even when they have a cart full of shopping. You can buy awesome reusable bags to keep in your car or at home of even little compact bags to keep in your purse for when you go shopping unexpectedly!

– Ditch the makeup wipes –

I still use makeup wipes or cotton pads sometimes but usually I will use a cleansing oil like this one from MUD, if it’s necessary I use some cleansing foam afterwards as well. I’ve also discovered the Makeup Eraser as a great alternative to wipes, you can just throw it in your laundry and keep re-using it!

– Bulk is better –

I try to buy things in bigger packs or in bulk when possible. You can also shop at package free stores like Robuust or Ohne in Belgium, where you bring your own containers! Maybe consider making some products like granola or cookies at home? Or try freezing excess food when you buy a bigger package! And at cosmetics stores like Kiehls or Lush you  can return your package, at Lush you can also buy products that don’t even have a package!

How do you take care of the environment? Tell me in the comments! And please let me know if you enjoy lifestyle and tips posts like this! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I don't eat red meat like beef anymore because I want to be more eco friendly. I also bring my own bag everytime I go shopping, it makes a huge difference!

  2. Herbruikbare make up wipes wil ik heel graag in mijn routine verwerken, ik gebruik al vaak cleansing cloths maar haal mijn oogmake up er nog altijd af met (heel veel!) watjes. Niet zo goed voor het milieu! Ik las al iets over katoenen watjes die je gewoon kan wassen, dus hier ga ik me verder in verdiepen. Interessant artikel!

  3. I have like a thousand tote bags, so whenever I go shopping, I bring a couple of them with me and I don't ask for plastic bags.

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