Hey babes! Here with a quick makeup post for you! I bought these 2 Zoeva palettes a while ago but I still wanted to share them with you because I think they are so beautiful! The design of the box is amazing but I also really like the colour choice of these eyeshadows! Take a look:

This first palette is the Cocoa Blend palette, with lovely chocolate toned colours, it contains a mix of shimmer and matte shades, the more neutral ones are matte, which makes it easier to create a nicely blended eye look.

I love this colour assembly because it is quite neutral but still very versatile, you can create a simple, light day look with this but also a more smokey evening look! The pigmentation is good, it’s not amazing but it definitely does the trick, even the shimmer shades work well with a dry brush!

The second palette is my favorite of the two, the Rose Golden palette, I love rose gold tones so of course I would pick this one. I do have to say that I find it a little less versatile than the Cocoa Blend palette, I miss a very light matte shade and I think the colour harmony could’ve been a more warm toned transition shade instead of a light grey. 

As you can see it’s mostly shimmers in this palette, the lightest shade can be a transition shade for some skin types, for others it can be a light base colour. As I said before, I don’t think the grey shade really belongs in this colour mix!

I hope you liked this little makeup post! These retail for €21,80 so definitely affordable for the quality you get!

Let me know in the comments which palette you prefer and why! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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