Hey babes! I recently finished a huge bottle of Yes To shampoo and I needed a new shampoo for coloured hair. I had been using OGX and René Furterer before but I wanted to take a little extra care of my colour this time! So I went looking on BeautyBay to find a perfect shampoo for coloured hair; but with a few conditions:

Cruelty free: because I slowly want to make the switch to cruelty free skin and hair care (baby steps!)

Sulfate free: because my scalp was so dry, I didn’t want to risk making it even drier

Gluten free: since I discovered I have a wheat allergy, I was curious to see if this would make a difference!

I ended up buying this L’Anza Healing Color Care shampoo. It costs €18,60 for 300ml which is fine for me because I have short and thin hair and don’t use a lot of product!

My conditions ruled out a lot of brands but this L’anza shampoo stood out to me because of its healing aspects as well as claiming to increase how long your colour stays!

The shampoo is supposed to extend the life of your hair color up to 107% longer, now I’m not too sure how I would test this out, but I have to say my colour has been looking fresh and shiny and it’s not fading as much yet!

Every time I used this I’m impressed by how soft it makes my hair feel! Without weighing it down and making it feel heavy or greasy. It even looks good the second day after washing, which usually doesn’t happen to me with shampoos that make my hair softer!

I’m quite impressed by this brand and this shampoo in particular, I’d love to discover more products, especially the color care range! The only thing I don’t like is that my natural waves aren’t as prominent when I use this, but they only come out when I use a shampoo that is quite light, and this one is very moisturising and nurturing! I haven’t found a shampoo yet that does both!

Do you colour your hair, if you do, what shampoo do you use? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I still haven't found the right shampoo for my hair, since my head get irritated quite easiy lately I've tried a couple of special shampoos but still, nothing seems to do the job..

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