Hey babes! I’ve been really into my morning routine lately, I’ve repurchased some of the products I’m about to show you a few times and I’ve really been seeing results! I have (or had) combination acne skin. My acne is hormonal but is easily triggered by harsh or greasy products. I also have some dry skin especially around the eyes. In combination with skin treatments and supplements my skin has been looking much better!

The biggest contributors to these great results are these guys, pHformula products. I also use the night treatment which I will probably show you in a nighttime routine some time soon! I start off my morning with washing my face. This foam gives you just the right amount of product in one pump, it also last a really long time. It doesn’t leave any residue, it’s very mild but cleanses amazingly!

I follow that up with the A.C.N.E. Recovery which speeds up skin recovery and then the P.O.S.T. Recovery Cream which is basically a regular moisturizer. This is deeply moisturizing but it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

I talked about the dry area around my eyes and this Eve Lom Eye Contour Cream is one of the first creams that has actually helped hydrate that skin deeply. It’s a very rich cream and it last you a long time, mine is almost finished now! I also feel like the skin around my eyes is a little firmer, which makes my fine lines a little less visible.

The last step of my morning skincare routine is this Dr. Rescue Baby Lips lipbalm, I love applying this before my lipstick because my lips dry out at night and it’s a great canvas for lipstick. It tingles just a little bit, which I like in the morning! 
That’s my current morning skincare routine! What are some of the products you use every morning? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I always use a lipbalm before I put on lipstick, except when it's a very moisturizing lipstick. Putting on lipbalm has become such a habbit!

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