Hey babes, last week I showed you my UK clothing haul and today I’m sharing the beauty products I got in the UK. A while ago I decided that every new beauty item I purchase from now on, will be cruelty free. I want to be a lot more conscious about the brands I support because this movement is already making dramatic changes in how brands choose to test and even create their products so I wanted to support that!

The first shop I got some things at is a lovely shop in Salisbury that carried vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly products. It’s called Goodfayre and they really promote a great message! I came in looking for a scalp oil, which I found but picked up some other products as well!

I got these POP Fizzy Foot Tablets, which seem awesome to add to my at home pedicure routine.  They’re from a brand called Bathing Beauty.

This PurePotions Skin Salvation Scalp Oil is what I came in looking for, I’ve had a very dry scalp due to some medication and had been looking for a treatment to leave overnight instead of in the shower because my hair does still get greasy very quickly. It was 14,99 pounds.

And then this Rose Roll-On Deodorant by Urtekram smells amazing! It was 4,88 pounds which is a great price.

The next store I went to was Well Natural, which is an amazing store that carries vegan, glutenfree, organic, products. They have beauty, food, supplements and even fresh pastries and coffee. Not everything they sell is cruelty free but a lot of products mention it on the packaging, and I googled a list of popular brands before I went.

This first item was a must on my list because I’ve also been very interested in the zero waste lifestyle, which is something I’m far from achieving but replacing my plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one is such an easy change to make! This one is from the brand Environmental Toothbrush.

Dr. Hauschka is a brand I’ve been interested to try for a very long time. I got this clearing facial toner to replace my acne treatment when I’m finished with it.

I also picked up this Jason deodorant stick for the gym, which is one for men but it smells very neutral because it is unscented so it seemed like a good pick for the gym!

Then I found a sun lotion and after sun from Green People, which is something I didn’t think I would find!

Then another deodorant, this one by Weleda, which I didn’t know is a cruelty free brand! It’s easily available in Belgium so that makes things a little easier!

As you know from my clothing haul, I went to TK Maxx, where they also have discounted beauty items, they didn’t have as many cruelty free items but I managed to find some great things that I had been looking for as well.
I don’t have much shower gel left so I was happy to find these two bottles by Faith in Nature.

I also picked up this bronzer brush by So Eco! 

And then by Alba Botanica I picked up two hair products. A leave in conditioner which is something I use every time I shower, and a anti-frizz serum which I can definitely use this summer!

At Boots I managed to find a lot, which surprised me because it’s such a mainstream store! I discovered that Batiste is cruelty free! It’s my favorite dry shampoo brand so yay!

I needed some self tan because I have some messed up tanlines from my holiday in Valencia, and when I leave for Cyprus, I want it to be less noticeable. There was a deal on tans so I picked out some St Tropez items, and I actually got the lotion for free!

And the most awesome discovery at Boots was the brand Sanctuary Spa, which is a cruelty free luxury brand! There was a sale going on for both the body and the face products so I splurged!

This salt scrub comes in a pot that I can reuse to make my own scrub if I want! 

And I also got another scrub which came in a bar, so easy to bring with me on holiday! 

I picked up this Luxury bath float which smells amazing! 

This 12 hour shower cream really intrigued me and I’m excited to try it out! 

This 1 minute warming micro dermabrasion polish seems like a great addition to my acne prevention skincare routine!

I also got some Micellar Cleansing Water because the brand I usually get isn’t cruelty free sadly. 

I’m almost out of my Eve Lom eye cream which is a little too expensive for me so I got this one that has a cooling effect as well!

That’s what I got in the UK, hope you liked discovering some new cruelty free products, let me know what you think in the comments!

And I also want to add: I obviously don’t judge anyone for not buying cruelty free and I will continue using my other non cruelty free products, I still have a huge stash to work through, so it will be a while before this blog goes completely cruelty free! However I will now add if products are cruelty free in reviews, favorites,..etc.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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