Hey babes! I once did a post about bedtime tips, it was basically a guide to getting to bed early, which is extremely important for our health and for some also our schedules. But we all know the hard part not going to bed, it’s getting up in the morning. I really struggle with getting up early and especially on time, but I’ve figured out a few tricks over the years and I’d like to share them with you!  

First things first: hydrate!

I’m always thirsty when I first wake up, so for me this is a given, but drink a cup of water when you wake up. Have it ready by your bed so you don’t need to get up. While drinking the water you’ll immediately feel refreshed and this simple action will wake up your brain and have you sitting upright which is a big help if you need to get out of bed! 

Pick out your outfit before bed

You might think it’s silly but picking out your outfit not only reduces the amount of time you need in the morning, it also helps you have a relaxed, productive morning. If you don’t need to worry about what you’re going to wear, you can almost just slip into your clothes on autopilot and focus on things like eating breakfast or even doing something fun like reading or watching some tv. You might be surprised how much quicker your routine will go if you’ve already decided the night before! 

Get a good alarm clock and don’t snooze

One of the biggest changes I made is getting this Soundrise alarm clock, I also like the app Freaky Alarm (you can see it in one of my previous posts). Whether you need a loud, obnoxious alarm clock to get out of bed, or if you prefer a nice tune to get up, make sure you think about what wakes you up and don’t just use your phone because it’s convenient. If you struggle with actually physically getting up, think about one of those alarm clocks that roll away, or put an alarm clock far away from your bed. Or if you prefer to be woken up at the exact right time, invest in a heart rate monitoring watch like the Fitbit or Jawbone. 

Prepare your breakfast (and maybe your lunch too!)

A healthy breakfast is a must if you want a productive and healthy morning, eating also helps me to wake up because my digestive system gets to work and I’m busy doing something. It also relaxes me because I obviously love eating, and starting your morning happy and relaxed can make sure your day goes great! I love preparing overnight oats, I let the milk get slurped up by the oats overnight and pop it in the microwave for a minute in the morning. It barely takes any time and it’s super yummy! 

Take some time to wake up without stressing out

The worst thing you can do to yourself is not give yourself enough time in the morning. If you typically need an hour to get ready, set your alarm clock an extra half an hour earlier so you have time to wake up in peace without hurrying. I like playing a game on my phone, doing some yoga or meditating lately. If I have a lot of time I love watching cartoons or even cleaning up a little around the house. My worst mornings are always those where I’ve only given myself the exact time I need, because I’m stressed out right away and something always goes wrong! 

I hope you enjoyed these little tips to get up early! Let me know what you’re tips are in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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  1. I've become a bad snoozer sadly, so I aready set my alarm clock half an hour earlier. But I do choose my clothes before I go to bed and make sure everything I need for the next day is already packed, so I don't have to worry about hurrying in the morning.

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