Hey babes! As you might know I’ve been working out a lot this year, but over the years I’ve acquired quite a lot of workout related things. Today I’d like to share some of my essentials with you! 
Active wear 
First of all I noticed I loved going to the gym more when I bought some nice and comfortable workout clothes, I have a lot of gym clothes now, as you can see in my last gym clothing haul. I love wearing bright colours and combining cute outfits and it really gets me motivated to go to the gym. I get most of my clothes from the Nike factory or outlet store but I also have some things from Forever21, Jogha, TK Maxx and other stores. 
Stretching and rolling
A Thera Band is awesome to stretch out muscles or do a lot of different exercises, it’s really long and very sturdy so it’s a great investment. A new addition to my workout gear is this Triggerpoint foam roller which can also be used to roll out muscles and relax them or you can use them in various exercises as well. 

Gym Bag

One of my biggest ‘investments‘ was my Nike gym bag that I got on sale on Zalando. It’s big enough so that I can bring a big towel and spare clothes to the gym but light and flexible enough to take to work and stuff in a locker. It’s much better than using a different bag like a tote that’s always open or a bag that doesn’t breathe or ventilate well.

A heart rate monitor

I’ve had my Polar sport watch and heart rate band for a few years already now. I’ve recently invested in a Jawbone as well which I wear outside of the gym but this Polar is great because it can also connect to cardio machines and I love that it’s just a regular watch as well, that can come in handy while working out.


This USA Pro yoga mat wasn’t expensive at all, it’s heavy and sticks to the floor so it doesn’t glide around or curl up. It’s great for yoga and stretching or for at home exercising with videos for example. I also use this yoga belt a lot and sometimes some yoga blocks as well.

Water bottle, journal & weights 
These last few items are very handy as well, a sturdy water bottle with a sport lid or spout is the easiest to have, it’s very lightweight as well. A journal can be great to keep as well, you can write down what exercises you do, how much you weigh, some measurements or even how you felt during or after a workout. It’s great to track progress. And last but not least, you can get some small weights to improve quick workouts at home. Adding a little weight can already make an easy exercise a lot more intense

I’m probably forgetting a lot of things and of course you don’t need all of it, it can just come in handy!

What are your workout essentials? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Vrolijk roze dit, inderdaad! Mijn work out gear is alleen een super fijne leggin en een shirtje en een yoga mat haha 🙂

  2. One of my goals this year is to be less lazy and excercise more, and the waterbottle that I have is perfect for that. It's a camelbak bottle and it's so easy to drink whilst walking or just standing, you don't even have to lift the damn bottle anymore!

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