Hey babes! I always either shaved my legs or used a hair removal cream like Veet, but this last year I’ve been discovering some other ways to remove hair. I got my first hot wax this year, which is definitely something I’ll do more often, because I love how long my hairs stay away. But I’ve also tried this Braun Silk Épil 7, hair epilator. I’ve had this for a few years already, but every time I was too scared to try it. Now that I’m a little older (and smarter!), I tried it and loved it, I’ll show you everything about this product, and how to make the most of it! 
The set comes with 3 epilator heads, the regular head, for large surfaces like your legs. The medium one for smaller things like maybe armpits or tough to get to spots, and then the smallest one, which can be used for detailed hair removal. 
The controls are pretty easy, you have a little wheel, it’s either off, on or a higher speed. It also has a little light, which seems like something silly, but it actually comes in extremely handy if you have very small or very light blond hairs
This is the largest head, which I use most often, here you can see how the mechanism works, the purple part separates your hairs, while the inner part, rolls over your skin and pulls the hairs out. I recommend not using this on hairs that are long, because the longer the hair, the more you actually feel the pulling. This is a great technique for people like me, who have thinner hairs on their legs. If you have thicker hairs, waxing might be better for you!

A lot of the hairs that get pulled out fall down onto the floor, but most get sucked into the head, which you then have to clean out with this little brush. It takes a little bit of fidgeting, but it’s not too bad and quite easy to do. If you want a little extra hygiene, you can lightly spray the head with some alcohol.

If you hairs are too long to be epilated without too much pain, you can use the trimmer head to shorten them first!

This particular set also came with a brush head, which also has a protecting plastic cap. I don’t really use this except on holiday. I bring this with me because this is a great machine to quickly remove hairs and also have something to deep clean my skin with.

You can also disinfect this brush head with alcohol! One of the best things about this machine is that it’s rechargeable and it comes with a power adaptor, no need to waste batteries! 

And everything fits in one handy travel bag! I also store it this way, so I never lose any of the small parts. 

This epilator is great to keep hairs removed either between waxes or always if you like to keep your hair removed and don’t let it grown too long (which can be painful!). It’s also a great way to not waste as many plastic shaving razors! I’m a fan!

Have you ever tried something like this before, tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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