Hey babes! I’m on holiday in France and I picked up some random things that all ended up being sustainable swaps in some sort of way, so I thought it would be fun to show them to you because I’m trying to go ‘zero waste‘ and this is kind of part of my journey! One is a beauty product and two are food related, let’s get into it! 
The beauty related ‘sustainable swap’ I bought are these natural bars of soap that are locally made here in France, the company is calledGraines de Savonand I found them at a small local market here in Lacanau. Of course any bar of soap is a great swap but I especially like these because they contain natural oils and don’t dry out my skin! They all have different specialties like being gentle on sensitive skin or eliminating impurities. The only plastic that came with this product was a little plastic tape on the packaging. 

I also bought this ‘bag’ to use in the shower, which makes it a little easier to hold the soap, and apparently it exfoliates a little as well.

It is imported from Egypt though, which isn’t great airmiles wise, but it is completely biodegradable.

At the soap market stand, I also bought this little soap dish that is completely made out of coconut!

At a store called Fille à Papa in Bordeaux, I picked up these two ‘vacuum’ fridge lids that can basically seal any pot you put them on, these are especially great for our apartment because we don’t have many big tupperwares but we do cook a lot, so this will eliminate any plastic cling foil in our kitchen! There is a tiny pit of plastic on the packaging though, but compared to what we would use it’s nothing.

Another kitchen swap I finally found are these Senseo pad filters for loose coffee grounds, I got a hand me down Senseo coffee maker from my uncle, and I have one at home with my parents as well, but the packaging the coffee pads come in are quite small and wasteful. I also prefer some kinds of coffee that I haven’t found in pads yet, so these refillable pads are a great solution for me. Again, this packaging contains some plastic, but it will save more in the long run, and I can keep using my coffee machine!

So that’s my sustainable haul! Hope you enjoyed this type of post, do let me know in the comments what you think! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Oooooh I really love this haul. I've been loving artisanal soaps and that little soap bag is so cute!

  2. Wat een geweldige haul! Ik zou ook weer vaker zeep moeten gebruiken i.p.v. dingen die in een plastic verpakking zitten, goede reminder!

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