Hey babes! We all want beautiful, healthy legs during summer. But we can’t forget that if we want that, we have to put in the work during the winter! With this cold, dark weather, my legs tend to get very sore, dry and obviously pale too, which leaves them looking a little sad! I can’t really do anything about losing my tan anymore, but I can make sure they feel great! So here’s 5 ways I take care of my legs during the winter!

1.  Get active
Lately it’s been a bit difficult to get enough workouts in, but usually I manage to hit the gym at least once a week. I try to compensate a little by walking nearly 5km everyday and taking the bike rather than public transport sometimes! If you’re active every day, chances are your legs will look more toned and cellulite can also start to disappear or fade a little. It’s also great if the cold has your muscles feeling unhappy.

2. Moisturize (with active ingredients!)
I always moisturize my legs after I shower, but during the winter I try to hydrate my legs every day. In between showers I like using products that don’t just add moisture but do something extra as well. This massage bar from Lush called Wiccy Magic Muscles is great for muscle aches and cellulite because it contains cinnamon leaf oil and jojoba oil. I also have this blend of essential oils by Puressentiel that promotes drainage which can also cure muscles aches and cellulite.

3. Massage
My legs already get a little massage when I moisturize but you can go the extra mile with a massage ball or a massage paddle. I actually got both of these products from Flying Tiger so they were very cheap! These two products can really help massage those muscles that are bugging you and help improve blood flow to make your legs feel lighter, your skin look healthier and more smooth.

4. Scrub 
Of course scrubbing is key if you want your legs to feel smooth and to remove any dead skin or built up product. It’s a great way to make your legs clean and to create a good base to apply the products I mentioned above. I scrub every other shower I take, which means it’s about twice a week. Afterwards I make sure I apply plenty of oil or body butter so my legs stay nice and soft!

5. Hydrate
Last but definitely not least is hydration. During winter a lot of people tend to forget to drink enough water. We really do need enough water every day. Not drinking enough can causes dried out or even  cracked skin and can make your muscles feel sore or can even give you headaches. If your body is hydrated you’ll feel and look much healthier and your legs will too!

Hope you enjoyed these little reminders to take care of yourself and your legs this summer so that you will feel great when you show off your legs again next spring!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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