Hey babes! In this post I’m going to show you 2 Tastea teas I’ve purchased and tried out for you, as well as their on the go tea cup with filter!

The two blends I got are the Bloody Hell tea and the Energy Boost tea. Bloody hell helps with period pains and Energy Boost is a green tea with energizing qualities. Tastea sells loose leaf teas in these black metal tins.

 I also bought this tea cup because I don’t really have a way to easily use loose leaf tea while on the go, besides already preparing the tea at home and bringing it with me. It’s also really compact and very well insulated so I really wanted to try it out!

The top comes off and you have the compartment to put in the loose leaves of tea and it’s so easy!

You can also separately unscrew the cup itself from the isolation container which is amazing because I’ve already broken 2 cups like these because I couldn’t fix or clean anything in between the two cups! So I love that I can clean these both.

The first tea that caught my eye was the Bloody Hell tea, I’ve been struggling with period cramps, dizziness, fatigue,.. almost every month. I’ve been looking for some natural remedies to help me out because I’ve had to rely on pain medication too much. I was really surprised when I tried this because for some reason this does actually help with the cramping and the headaches. It helps soothe the general uncomfortable feeling I have when I’m on my period!

It’s a base of white and green teas combined with some ginger, camomile, raspberry leaves and rose petals! It’s also a very yummy tea on its own without any sugar!

The second tea I got is this Energy Boost one, I’ve bought it to help me out during longer classes or studying so I don’t always grab a coke zero or coffee. It’s not as strong as something with a lot of caffeine of course but it does make me feel a little less tired which sometimes can be all I need.

It contains green tea, Rooibos, orange peels, blue cornflower and some other petals which makes it quite a unique tea. I’ve never really had anything like this but I quite like the taste, sometimes with a little honey! It basically tastes like a citrusy green tea with a little subtle bitterness!

I was very skeptical about this brand, so I wasn’t really expecting these to work, so it really surprised me to notice that it does kind of work, especially the Bloody Hell tea. I want to try other blends as well!

Have you ever tried any special loose leaf tea mixes before? 
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I don't drink tea myself, but I love making it for others, or just buying it for when I have visitors or as presents. I've bought a couple of relaxation teas and they seem to work very well. That bloody hell tea sounds very promising, also makes a good gift!

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