A lot of people think of resolutions as a stupid thing, because many people wait to make the changes they want to make until the new year. But I think a fresh start can be all lovely thing to help you out mentally and really make a change. My new year’s resolutions are all things I’ve found important for long, but I want to focus on them even more or slightly differently. Here are my focusses to start the year:

* Read more

I used to read so often, and I have a lot of books, but these last few years I’ve only been able to read during holidays because in my mind I seemed too busy. But I really want to make a conscious effort this year to read some of the half read books, bring a book with me everywhere I go and try to read a little everyday. It makes me happy and it relaxes me so it should be a part of my everyday life! I’m also getting rid of some of the books I read, maybe I will trade them with someone for a new one! 

* Do yoga everyday

I have chronic pains that get much worse when I don’t exercise enough, but now that I work out a lot, I’ve noticed some aches that don’t seem to get better with exercise. I’ve noticed yoga helps me a lot but when I don’t do it often enough, the pain returns quickly. That’s why I’m starting an experiment to do yoga everyday, I’m hoping it will make me more aware of my body, stronger and also that I will give me more peace of mind because yoga also relaxes my mind, not only my body! 

* Get rid of even more things

I used to post about my empties all the time, I haven’t been doing that because I enjoy my apartment being clutter free, and holding on to trash obviously doesn’t help to achieve that. But while doing these types of blog posts, I realized how much trash I was creating and that really helped me get to where I am now, exploring the zero waste lifestyle. I had a huge stash of beauty products because, to be honest, I had a shopping addiction! But I have been on a no buy for a while now and my stash is slowly disappearing. This year is all about cleansing my life even more. Not only the beauty products, but everything! I’ve already sold so much stuff, and this year, even more will go! 

* Do another zero waste challenge 

I did a zero waste challenge on my blog not too long ago, and it actually helped me achieve some of it really well! I was holding myself accountable for my actions, saying in my head “You’ve promised to yourself, and to your readers!” I’ve actually written down 12 things I feel are very wasteful in my life, that I would like to tackle in 2018. So keep your eyes open for another zero waste challenge post!

Those were my goals for this year! What are some of yours this year, or are you not participating in resolutions? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Oh WOW, you really are reading my mind now!
    It'd be so much more fun to do yoga together, next time I'm in Antwerp, I'll take my mat with me! Thankfully I've convinced my boyfriend to do it together (only sometimes). And he's always trying to convice me to read much more than I do now. Used to be more, now it's only when I'm on the train.

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