Hey babes! A big part of going zero waste is cleaning supplies! I’ve been using mostly ecological products for a few years now but I’ve been really interested in using some basic ingredients to clean the house with even less waste and environmental impact. That’s why I placed an order with Kudzu. I also bought a year’s supply of environmental toothbrushes as well!

The biggest thing I picked out are these soap flakes, they’re 100% biological super concentrated flakes that can be used to clean or wash laundry. I’m super excited to try these out for washing mostly!

I also got some sodium bicarbonate, they are countless ways to use this around the house. Scrubbing rough services, cleaning the oven, the bathroom or even deodorizing things. I’m going to be trying a lot of diy cleaning recipes to figure out what I like and what works.

I got a bag of concentrated crystal soda, which apparently can be great for cleaning grease, it can be used in the laundry and to deodorize as well!

I was also looking for something to combat lime and citric acid is amazing for that, it’s also good for removing rust and it can be used to clean the toilet as well!

To replace basic plastic scrubbing sponges, I bought these two Twist dish dumplings that are completely biodegradable. They are packaged in plastic foil but you can hang on to that and recycle it at a local recycling center.

I also got a biodegradable bamboo cloth to clean other surfaces with, it can be washed and thrown into the compost when it gets too old! It’s made from bamboo which is a renewable source!

I also needed something to scrub things like the oven or the stove top and this little wooden brush will probably do the trick just fine.

In my cruelty free haul I got one toothbrush from The Environmental Toothbrush and I loved it so much I ordered the big pack that will last me at least a year! I love the medium bristle and it feels great so I wanted to order this one specifically. You can compost the handle, the only thing that goes to waste are the bristles which is almost nothing! 

I hope you enjoyed this eco and zero waste haul! Do you use any eco cleaning or beauty products? Tell me in the comments! 
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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