In my UK haul last year I got a lot of Sanctuary Spa products at Boots, since then I’ve tried all of them for a while and I have some very different opinions about all of them! Sanctuary Spa is a cruelty free brand!
The first is this Salt Scrub, I got this because it came in a glass jar that I could reuse to maybe make my own scrub when I’ve gone through my stash, or I could use it for something else. This scrub contains quite a lot of oil and I’ve recently discovered I actually don’t enjoy that at all. It really coats your skin with a sticky layer and I don’t want that even though I have dry skin. It always gets on my towels and it coats the bottom of the shower as well. It does exfoliate quite nicely because the sea salt is not too coarse or fine and it doesn’t dissolve immediately. 

I also got this scrub bar which I thought was quite minimal waste as well, it does come in a little bit of plastic foil but compared to some other scrubs this is pretty good! This scrub is a little more subtle and doesn’t exfoliate as much. I love using this in the bathtub when I’m shaving because it’s not too rough on my skin. It’s basically a bar of soap with some scrubbing bits in it, so it does foam a little as well!

Next up, I got an eye gel that is supposed to cool and sooth to help fade any signs of fatigue but I’m not too impressed. It does feel a little cool and it definitely hydrates. But I don’t enjoy this type of thicker gel to moisturize my eye contours. It’s not bad but I find that I haven’t naturally gravitated towards using this product instead of my regular eye cream.

What attracted me to Sanctuary Spa is that it’s a cruelty free brand that is made to be luxurious. This 12 hour shower cream is just that, it smells amazing and foams really nicely. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all but it does make you feel clean and even a little hydrated. This is perfect for those mornings where I’m still a little tired and not looking forward to getting ready.

The same goes for this Luxury Bath Float, if you stir it around in the water before running the tap again it foams really well! It smells amazing as well and I absolutely love taking baths with this! The scent is very relaxing and I love it after a good workout.

I got this foaming micellar cleansing water without realizing what the ‘foaming’ would mean. If you pump this, foam comes out and when you apply it to your skin with a cotton pad, the foam bubbles pop and it become liquid again. I don’t really know what this adds to the process of removing your makeup but I definitely don’t enjoy the sensation. It does however remove my makeup very well and I do like how clean it makes my skin without too much product!

The last thing I got is this 1 minute warming micro-dermabrasion polish, which is basically a face mask/scrub that heats up when it touches your skin. It opens up your pores and really deep cleanses your skin. It reminds me a lot of the Tony Moly Egg Pore but this works a little more quickly and is great to use all over your face and not just for spot treatment.

Like I said, I have some very different opinions about Sanctuary Spa Products, I absolutely love some and I don’t care for others. If I ever buy anything else from this brand I would definitely check the texture and the scent first!

Have you heard of this brand before? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before, but I think it goes for every new product, it's always with trial and error.

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