I was looking for something to reduce the dryness, fine lines and discoloration around my eyes. Because of my health struggles last year, the area around my eyes was looking horrible. My beauty salon sold BioEffect and I tried it even though it costs around 75 euros. I was feeling so insecure about it, I was willing to try it; so here are my thoughts!

First of all I’m going to mention I wouldn’t repurchase this, just because it’s not zero waste at all. Even though, as you’ll read, I actually loved this formula. So BioEffect if you read this, come out with some zero waste packaging!

The eye serum comes in a little push roller, which makes it really easy to spread the product around, but like I mentioned it’s a shame about the packaging being so wasteful!

It’s supposed to be an anti-aging serum, but because I was struggling with dryness, fine lines and discoloration, the effect of anti aging technology would work just fine te reduce my problems.

I do love the design of this company so much, everything feels so fresh and clean!

I use this roller mostly at night, right before I go to bed, because the formula is quite shiny and thick and it would be more difficult to apply this before wearing makeup. I love how it feels when you roll the cold applicator over your under eye area. You only need a little bit at a time as well.

After only a few applications, the dryness was completely gone, it’s extremely hydrating, and reduces any puffiness you might have from lack of sleep or due to stress as well. After a few weeks I noticed my fine lines had reduced, these were mostly due to being ill and not sleeping well, they weren’t exactly wrinkles. But after a while longer, I even noticed my discoloration had slightly improved. It won’t go away completely just because it’s something I’ve had my entire life, but it did get a little better.

I also noticed the little wrinkles in the corner of my eyes reduced just a little bit when I started applying it a little higher around my eyes as well!

All in all, I don’t think it’s a magical product but it’s just so rich and nourishing that it gives your eye contours what they need. I’ll continue using this until it’s empty and then my search for a worthy zero waste counterpart will begin. They do mention on the website that this product is cruelty free!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

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  1. I'm kind of lucky to not have any undereye problems. They'll just grow bigger and poofier with the years, just like my grandparents', but I can live with that!

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