I have been drink water from the tap for at least 7 years, but since going zero waste I’ve tried to cut out my occasional water in plastic bottles as well, for example when I’m on holiday or out of the house. Now, I always try to bring a reusable water bottle with me. But the one thing that I was still buying in bottle was sparkling water, and usually the ones that are flavored. So during Mei Plastic Vrij (May plastic free), I started wondering about the Sodastream, and as fate would have it, the newest version with glass (!!) bottles was on a temporary sale!
I got this Sodastream Crystal, including 2 glass bottles and 1 cartridge for carbonating for €119! Usually it costs around €159 (which is still super affordable), if you’re interested, they are still on sale in various online and real life stores!
The other reason besides the sale, which made me want to buy it now, was the fact that they came out with glass bottles! The new design of the machine is completely closed off, I assume because the bottles are made of glass that they wanted to take extra precautions, but the new design is very easy on the eyes! The machine itself is quite big but like I said, it’s a subtle design which looks great in my kitchen.
It doesn’t use any electricity (the cord you see on the picture is for my microwave). So it can stand alone basically anywhere you want to put it. To use it you open the machine and place one of the two bottles, filled with cold tap water, in the designated cup.

The spout goes in the bottle, to carbonate your water, you just close the machine and it’s locked in position.After you’ve done that you quickly press the button on top 3 times and wait for a few second before opening the machine again.It’s literally so easy and quick, after you’ve pressed the button, you have sparkling water and you can screw on the top to keep the bubbles in. The cartridges for carbonation have to be exchanged when they’re empty, so they don’t go to waste!I absolutely love how easy it is to use, I was a little afraid of that. I also love the design of the glass bottles and I never put them away in the cupboard, also because I use them almost every day now.It’s definitely a way for me, to steer clear of any plastic bottles, but also to not drink any unhealthy sodas! I love the feeling of sparkling water more than I enjoy the taste or sugar in soda’s! And when I drink a soda now, on a special occasion, it’s that much more special!If I do want a little flavour in my water, we always have syrup in the fridge! I love using a berry mix. We still have plastic syrup bottles because they last us a long time, but I’m on the lookout for a healthy-ish plastic free alternative!I’m really happy with my new purchase and I hope I will be able to stay away from any plastic bottles from now on! If you want to get the same type of Sodastream, you can do this through my affiliate link, this helps my blog!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, please bear in mind that if you make a purchase through my links, I will earn a commission. I will only do this to products I recommend and use myself, it's important to me to be honest to my readers. 

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  1. Good thing I don't like sparkling water. Everywhere I go, I take my camelbak Eddy (reusable 750 ml ) bottle with me. It's still hard plastic though. But as fate would have it, I've bought a reusable glass bottle today to use for my smoothies for whenever I'm going out.

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