Paula’s Choice has been a cult favorite among many beauty lovers for a few years now, especially those suffering from unexplained adult acne or blemishes. I’ve struggled a lot with this and after my acne peeling treatments I could use something that treats blemishes and clogged pores as they come along, which isn’t as often anymore now. I picked out the Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution!

I went for this formula containing 2% Salicylic Acid because I have a blemish prone skin, even now that my cystic acne has been treated. My natural and very consistent skincare routine has made it easier to keep my skin clear but every once in a while I need something stronger that will reduce my clogged pores and (red) blemishes. I didn’t want to use acne treatment all the time because it can be quite harsh, and that’s why this solution is great because I use it whenever I need it!

I use this treatment for 2-3 days every time I feel like my skin is acting up, I usually use an organic cotton pad but you could use your hands or a reusable pad but I’m trying to avoid any possible staining, even though I haven’t noticed anything on my pyjama or sheets. I apply it all over my skin and sometimes follow up with a light, hydrating moisturizer that doesn’t contain any active ingredients or perfume. I never use this in the morning because I’m in the sun often!

When I wake up in the morning after using it one night, I immediately notice a difference, the largest blemishes have either diminished or are less visible and my pores seem cleaner and tighter. After using this for 3 nights, my skin usually feels more elastic and ‘flat’, like this small clogged pores have also disappeared. Pictured underneath are the organic cotton pads I use if you’re looking for any! We recycle these in the compost bin.

And the best part about this blemish solution? It’s cruelty free!
Do you struggle with blemishes sometimes?

Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

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  1. Most of my acne has gone away now, just sometimes some bigger zits on my chin or forehead. It's also nice that you can throw away those cotton pads in the compost bin!

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