I’ve been slowly making my life more zero waste, but of course this doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve found some items recently that are great minimal waste swaps for the products I used before.
The first item isn’t considered zero waste by some but since you can return the packaging of this Retread conditioner back to Lush, I think it’s a great alternative for single use bottles. I’ve repurchased this conditioner a few time already but I’ve also been using this solid conditioner that I reviewed a while ago.

A great zero waste item to have on hand is a pumice stone. I got this one a long time ago and it has been lasting very long. These are quite readily available, just look for ones that aren’t packaged in plastic. These are amazing for keeping your feet nice and soft.

The easiest minimal waste swap to make it trading your bottle of soap for a bar of soap. I got this one in France at the market but many stores sell something like this. Check your local health store or zero waste shop; even artisanal gift shops have these sometimes. Again, just look for ones that aren’t packaged in plastic.

This scrub I got is from Sanctuary Spa, it was packaged in plastic which I will try to avoid in the future but compared to a big pot or tube it does create less waste. Scrub bars or scrubs in general can be found without packaging, for example at Lush or at zero waste stores! You could also use a body brush for exfoliating.

I reviewed this shampoo bar a while ago, it’s completely zero waste as it comes packaged in cardboard! Kudzu is a webshop that sell loads of different shampoo bars but they’re becoming more readily available these days.

Hope you find some inspiration in this to make your own shower more zero waste!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, please bear in mind that if you make a purchase through my links, I will earn a commission. I will only do this to products I recommend and use myself, it's important to me to be honest to my readers. 

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  1. I'm already using tons of lush zero waste products. Such as the pumice power, the scrubee, the new shampoobar and the teo solid deodorant. And I love buying new soap blocks. I always have to try something different, so many scents to choose from!

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