While I was in Copenhagen I visited Be-A-Wear a sustainable clothing store. They also had some beauty products and I found a block of shaving soap containing lavender. I also got a small container to store it in..

The bar is from an english brand called Friendl├┐ Soap, their packaging is 100% plastic free. All of the soaps are free from palm oil, parabens, sulphates, phtalates and even cruelty free! This is definitely the kind of brand I want to support more, they sell a lot of different soaps as well as shampoos!

The soap box I got is made from Arboform which is sourced from renewable materials and is completely biodegradable, besides that it’s very sturdy so it will probably last you as long as you need it!

The soap itself smells nice but not too powerful, it foams quickly and just the right amount for me to shave my legs. It also doesn’t dry out my skin at all which is important when shaving. I definitely enjoy using this more than a gel because I use a brush to lather and that way my hands aren’t slippery when holding the razor!

I purchased a wooden brush in a small shop in Bologna and ordered a stainless steel safety razor online, which means my shaving supplies are now all zero waste! I have a review of my Merkur safety razor up now if you’re curious!

Thanks for reading!

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