This book has been recommended to me online so many times (by website reviews, ads, blogs,..) that I felt too curious not to read it! I love reading non fiction and self-improvement books but a lot of them aren’t that wel written of helpful. Here are some of my thoughts!

This book wants you to take action and turn your life around to become what you want to become. It focusses a lot in self love which is amazing and definitely important but to be honest it only scratches the surface of self love. It tells you to love yourself in every chapter but doesn’t really dive deep on the subject.

This books gives you a lot of practical guidelines to regain your focuslove yourself, attract good energy,… But the main takeaway is that the universe exists out of energy, and on the right frequency you can tap into it to achieve what you want. Jen Sincero talks a lot about manifestation, which is getting yourself in the right mindset and energy.

I think manifestation is definitely something that works well when you’re talking about personal improvement, entrepreneurship, creative endeavors,.. but she makes it seem like this works on personal things like love, health,… It might help you achieve things like a healthier diet or workout schedule, but a lot of people take this the wrong way and it could’ve been explained a little bit better.

I absolutely love to read about Jen’s personal life throughout the book, and I would love to see a more raw and honest look into her life. Her anecdotes definitely help you visualize her techniques though.

The book is not really what I expected it to be. I got some great practical tips about motivation and I did feel inspired by her personal story. But manifestation is something that is very common in books like these and I’m more interested in the science behind it all and not the universe/energy explanation. It’s written very lightly and playfully which a lot of people enjoy, but for me it was a little too casual!
What Jen Sincero did successfully do is make me more aware of myself. What do I want to achieve, how will I do it? Do I grant myself enough self love? I’m very motivated to figure this all out! 
Have you read this book yet? Tell me in the comments! If you’re interested in buying it you can purchase it through my affiliate link which supports what I do on this blog! 
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  1. I barely read any non fiction books and when I do, it's about cats. Highly recommended by the way 😉

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