As you may have notice in my Tea Stash blogpost, I’m a big tea lover! I’ve reviewed some Clipper flavors as well as two Tastea teas and now it’s time for an exciting organic brand: Heath&Heather! I’ve been buying some bulk teas lately but I’m still a sucker for special blends which I don’t often find in bulk yet sadly! I try to always choose organic teas though because I love supporting organic brands and knowing I’m getting great quality!

I’m always super sleepy in the morning, no matter how long I sleep or how early I get to bed. I can always use a little bit of a kickstart before venturing out into the real world. I try not to drink coffee everyday because I have the tendency to get a little bit addicted so I love switching it up with teas! This tea contains guarana and ginseng and it’s a nice, peppy herbal tea that really wakes me up!

This camomile and manuka honey tea has been my go to drink after a long day, when I just want to relax with a book and curl up in my blankets. It’s sweet enough on its own and it’s the perfect blend to start winding down and finishing up your day. It’s naturally caffeine free so you don’t have to worry about that!

In comparison to the camomile tea this jasmine green tea is a great tea for that midmorning slump. I’m very picky with my green teas because I hate that bitter aftertaste you often get. The jasmine in this blend really softens the taste and makes it a tasty green tea.

Another caffeine free blend, this one with lemon and ginger. I love drinking this after a workout, I’m not sure if the ingredients have an actual effect on my muscles or not but I like the kick it gives me after a tough workout! It’s also a great tea for when I’m a little bit sick or my throat hurts, I just add a little bit of honey to make it even better!

You can find Heath&Heather teas at Holland&Barrett as well as some specialty organic stores. Sadly the teabags and sleeves aren’t recyclable although they state on their website that they’re looking into compostable teabags! And they make great efforts to reduce their carbon footprint in other ways such as logistics and farming of their ingredients.

Have you ever tried any Heath&Heather teas, did you like them? I personally love trying out new brands!

Love, Christine

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