I’m one of those people that randomly hurts themselves all the time and because of that I’m covered in scars. I started using things like BioOil to reduce the appearance of my scars before they turn white. When I saw that Sukin made something similar I was excited to try it! Sukin makes vegan, cruelty free and natural skin care and I’ve bought their cleanser and moisturiser for my mom before!

I also have stretch marks but sadly they’re pretty old and there’s not much an oil will do to their appearance. I’ve mostly used this on very new scars and on very dry skin like my elbows or in my case my hips, where I often get eczema as well. This oil is perfect for those with very sensitive skin that needs extra moisture. I feel like this oil is great to prevent certain things from happening, it’s not going to reverse anything but it will prevent scars from being very visible, it can prevent winter eczema or extremely chapped skin!

I would love to know if this helps ageing skin but I can say that my mom complains about her skin being much dryer than a few years ago. Since it prevents my skin from getting too worse in winter I can definitely imagine it keeping ageing skin more elastic and hydrated! It’s an oil that’s intensely hydrating without staying sticky and uncomfortable, so you can use it in the morning as well.

I love the fact that this brand says NO to a long list of synthetic chemicals that could be harmful for your skin and health and that’s why I love supporting brands like this! I would love to find a zero waste version of an oil like this but for now I’m happy with this!

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