Always wondered if there is a shampoo bar that foams nicely and doesn’t dry out your hair too much? After I coloured my hair I was wondering the same thing! I stumbled upon this Aloë Vera Shampoo Bar on the webshop Ecossentials and decided to try it out as aloe vera is super nourishing!

This bar is cruelty free, vegan and palm oil free so it checks all the boxes for vegans! It’s available in many other scents such as cherry blossom and lavender as well.

The bar comes in biodegradable packaging, it’s cardboard and paper! It’s a very compact package as well, nothing useless and it saves a lot of space. It’s also easy to stack so it saves room in transport and ultimately reduces its carbon footprint.

It’s supposed to nourish your hair and stimulate hair growth so I was very eager to find out if it did. I love shampoo bars but still struggle with dry hair, especially now that I bleach it. It’s essential for me to hydrate my hair enough. On the first try I was immediately surprised by how well it foams. You only need a little bit to lather your hair and it’s super easy to use.

After a few weeks of using the shampoo I have to say it’s more nourishing than any other shampoo bar I’ve tried before. I have hair that tangles easily and I always use conditioner and oils as well. This bar definitely delivered on what it promised. I do have to say my curls are a little less defined than with my old bar, maybe because it is more nourishing. For now this is perfect for where my hair is at and I recommend it if you have dry hair but want a zero waste product!

For €9,95 this shampoo bar is worth the purchase for sure. It lasts long (apparently for up to 100 washes if you’re frugal!) because it foams so quickly, it leaves my hair softer than any shampoo bar so far and it smells nice and fresh. These are available on Ecossentials, let me know if you’ve tried them out! 

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