I was in search of a low waste scrub, maybe in a solid bar and came across this soap while ordering something online. I was hoping it would be comparable to a light scrub because it has poppyseeds, but it turned out to be a regular soap bar. Nonetheless, I thought it would be worth reviewing on here because I don’t often review soaps and I haven’t purchased anything from the brand Babongo before!

Right off the bat I enjoy the fact that the packaging is kept to an absolute minimum. It’s packaged in cardboard, no wrapper and no stickers. The bar itself has a super cute logo pressed into it, which makes it fun to look at too!

  As you can see the poppyseeds aren’t really there for any added scrubbing, but mostly as an added ingredient for the looks and possibly the scent? Although I wouldn’t know what it smells like exactly. I can’t say they have much of an added benefit that I can notice.

As far as bars of soap go, I haven’t noticed many insane differences between a lot of brand besides some being a little drying and others being more nourishing. This brand falls right in between. It doesn’t leave a layer of oil or anything but it doesn’t dry out my skin completely either. It has a nice, fresh, no too noticeable scent. I think a lot of people would enjoy a bar of soap that doesn’t have a scent that’s overpowering like many. Sadly, I’m not one of those people and I do enjoy vibrant scents in the shower!

Because bars of soap are often so similar, I usually pick products based on their packaging, company values or ingredients. Babongo is a Dutch company, that is completely natural, cruelty-free, palm oil-, SLS-, and paraben free. It’s also completely vegan and the packaging is made from agricultural waste! I’m probably won’t repurchase this exact product again, but I’m definitely keeping my eye on this brand as I’m interested in what they’ll make in the future!

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