I’ve had a low waste shower routine for a while now and I’ve tried a few products before. But as you can imagine as a blogger, I never stop trying new things! After I finished my last conditioner bar, by the brand Helemaal Shea, I wanted to try something new again!

I was in need of a few sustainable items and decided to try a brand I had discovered on Etsy, called Bain & Savon. I ordered a few things and this conditioner bar was one of them. It looked like a good deal because it’s such a big block and it was 8,5 GBP. I have to say, this did not disappoint when it comes to being long lasting. I have been using this for months and months and I’m over halfway but not finished at all!

The packaging is pretty sustainable as well. It comes wrapped in some waxed paper to protect it from moisture and in a box with a small seal. I do have to warn you, this melts! I made the mistake to leave it somewhere where the sun could reach it before I unpacked it and I accidentally melted some of the block! It didn’t affect how well it worked though, but I still feel stupid and won’t make that mistake again!

The block is easy to use as is but you could cut it into smaller pieces if you wish. I rub the entire block on my hair but you could rub it in between your hands first and then go through your hair. For me personally, I have such dry hair that I prefer to use it directly on my locks, that way, a lot more of the product gets on there quickly and easily!

As for storage, I store it outside of my shower so it doesn’t melt and I use either a lid of one of my storage jars or something like a soap dish! I wouldn’t recommend leaving it on a rack without something underneath because it gets a little soft from the heat of your shower or bath and you could lose some product that way!

Have you tried conditioner bars before? What brands did you enjoy? Tell me in the comments!

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