I usually don’t buy many beauty products packaged in plastic anymore but while I was visiting Paris for school we went to a Sephora with some friends and I recognised this brand from the Instagram commercials. Usually ads or commercials don’t convince me but this brand used a lot of testimonials that looked real so I was intrigued. Since it’s a cruelty free brand as well I figured it would be fun trying it out!

Coco & Eve has vegan, cruelty free products and also doesn’t contain many of the nasty chemicals usually found in hair products. It’s phthalate and paraben free and even has the Peta logo featured on the box. This Like a Virgin hair mask is supposed to make your hair silky soft without making it greasy or too heavy. Because I’ve been colouring my hair and it is quite dry usually anyway, I’m always looking for nourishing products.

The instructions state that you use it like a conditioner but you leave it in for 5-10 minutes rather than just a few minutes. It’s not a leave-in conditioner, you do have to rinse it out. For me this was a change in my routine because I love using hair masks before shampoo, like my favourite hair mask from Lush. This mask also works as a regular conditioner in my opinion, if you leave it in for a few minutes it already does a lot! If you want to leave it in for 10 minutes, it’s best to do this in the bathtub or while you turn off the shower and shave your legs for example.

After using it for a few months and trying it out in all sorts of different situations, I do have to say they deliver on their promises. This is by far the best hair mask (for after shampooing) I have ever used! I had high hopes but I wasn’t disappointed and that doesn’t happen often. I still don’t want to purchase a lot of plastic packaging but this one might just become an exception once I completely run out. I bought the smaller size because it is quite pricey and I wanted to try it out first, the bigger bottle would last me months for sure as I don’t use it every time I wash my hair.

I’m not sure if this packaging is recyclable in Belgium, but I’m afraid it’s not. It would be cool to see this brand move towards more sustainable packaging solutions and I will definitely be suggesting this to them. When you enjoy a brand but it doesn’t necessarily have everything you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to make suggestions. Most brands truly appreciate feedback from their customers and if more people share your opinion, changes may be made some day!

Have you tried anything from Coco & Eve before? Tell me in the comments!

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