I obviously love posting about low waste or sustainable solutions for us humans, but our little furry friends often produce a lot of trash as well. All of their toys, accessoires and other items aren’t always as sustainable as they should be. That’s why I thought it would be helpful to share some of the products I’ve come across since I’ve adopted my dog. We’re starting off with something us dog owners have to use every day, if not multiple times a day, poop bags!

If you are lucky enough to have a garden the most sustainable option for your dog’s poop is scooping it up with a reusable scoop and throwing it away without a plastic bag being involved. But even then, our dogs don’t always just poop at home and you always have to be prepared. Because I don’t have a garden I go through quite a lot of bags, buying regular plastic bags can create a whole lot of trash! I bought these biodegradable and compostable bags from The Sustainable People, they come in a cardboard package with a paper sticker and the little roll in the middle is made from cardboard as well!

Sadly, because I don’t have a garden, I also don’t have a compost bin, which means my doggy poop bags still go in the regular trash bin. You might wonder why it’s worth buying these then? Well, besides the packaging being more sustainable, if a bag were to land up in nature or in landfill. This type of material will be more sustainable than your regular plastic! Besides that, creating plastic is also a super unsustainable process which requires a lot of resources as well as being very prone to spilling plastic into nature and our water ways!

I actually enjoy these bags over any other plastic ones I’ve used before. They’re easy to open, sturdy and the sticker is easier to remove. If I accidentally lost the little roll inside, I don’t have to worry about leaving plastic in the park, because it’s cardboard it will quickly degrade.

When buying these type of biodegradable products it’s important to check if they were made sustainably and wether they are okay for home compost. On the back of this packaging, you get all of the information you could be looking for. You get the guidelines, which chemicals weren’t used and how to dispose of them if you want to compost!

When I move to a bigger place with a garden, I’m definitely creating my own home compost bin. It has so many perks and I get to create just that little bit less waste every day! For now, Lexie and I are happy with more sustainable packaging and less harmful products in our environment!

What’s your biggest sustainable pet struggle? Tell me in the comments and maybe I can help figure out a good solution!

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