I am notorious for being picky when it comes to body scrubs. I’ve reviewed a scrub bar that I liked as soap but wasn’t thorough enough for example. The one I liked most was the Body Boom Scrub but I’m not the biggest fan of coffee scents in the shower, and it’s pretty easy to use old coffee grounds as a scrub as well. Usually I don’t like scrubs because they leave too much oil residu or because they don’t exfoliate well enough. I once got a scrub from LUSH that was limited collection. I loved the Mamma Mia scrub so much, I was excited to try more scrubs from LUSH so I picked up the Rub Rub Rub body scrub.

I can keep this review very brief because I LOVE IT. It has just the right amount of grain, it doesn’t hurt my skin but it gets rid of old skin cells. It has a great scent that isn’t too overwhelming and it leaves your skin soft but not sticky at all. It uses sea salt as a base but it’s not too coarse at all. It contains orange flower, fresh lemon juice and mimosa as well which makes it a very fresh and uplifting scent.

When using this I always feel so fresh and soft stepping out of the shower. I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a body scrub. Important to know is that you can return these black LUSH pots to your local LUSH store so they can be recycled! You can even trade in 5 pots for a fresh face mask!

What’s your favorite scrub? Do you enjoy making your own?

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