There’s a new brand in town and it’s Noli Natural Skincare!

Noli is owned by someone I went to school with, so when I saw she started a natural and zero waste skin and haircare brand I was so excited to try it out! She was kind enough to give me two products so I could review them for you guys. If you’re as excited as I am I have good news because I have a surprise at the end of this article!

All Noli soaps are SLS and SLES free, these are the ingredients that make soap foam a lot more. Besides possibly being carcinogenic, they can also irritate your skin and influence your immune system. If you want more foam you can combine the soaps with a little soap bag! 

The shampoos she has are silicone free so they don’t cause buildup or weigh down your hair at all! I haven’t tried a shampoo yet but keep reading to find out about the lotion and soap! 

All the products Anouk makes are also natural which means she will use mostly unrefined oils and butters, because these contain the most vitamins and other awesome benefits for your skin!

She gave me the charcoal soap and the repairing solid lotion. Both perfect for me because I have dry acne prone skin, the worst combination ever (it’s probably a gut, stress and hormonal thing but I’m always careful with my skincare too, as I obviously don’t want to make it worse.)

The charcoal soap is specifically made for acne skin and can be used on your face and body, perfect too for those lazy boyfriends that are struggling with their skin 😉

I couldn’t stop touching my skin after using the soap. It cleans well, but doesn’t strip away the natural layer of oils on your skin too much. My boyfriend even noticed my skin was a little smoother!

Because I was so positively surprised by using the soap on my body, I wanted to try it on my face since it can be used on the face as well. I’ve had some very bad experiences with blocks of soap on my face so I was hesitant. I used it with my regular soft face brush and didn’t need a lot to get it foaming nicely. My skin felt very clean afterwards but it wasn’t too dry and it didn’t have that ‘pulling’ feeling that I easily get from soaps. I did everything in my skincare routine the same as I usually would. The next morning my skin looked and felt great! My blemishes looked a little better even, definitely not worse. So the soap is approved by my super difficult skin!

The second item I got was the hydrating lotion which is a solid bar of lotion! This bar contains vitamin-e, grape seed oil and apricot seed oil, all super nourishing natural ingredients.

The lotion bar is designed to hydrate intensely and since it doesn’t contain water it stays on your skin for a little while. I’m used to lotions that don’t linger very long so it took a little getting used to. During these winter months I definitely need extra nourishing products and this solid lotion delivers on its promises. It melts in your hands so easily and it’s especially perfect for those dryer spots like your knees, elbows or hands.

Another thing I noticed was the subtle but fresh scent of the lotion. It lingers ever so slightly and really reminds me of fresh laundry or a lovely candle. It’s not too strong at all and definitely not irritating. I hate when lotions are so extremely scented that it almost hurts your nostrils! This scent is really relaxing and perfect for a little selfcare moment.

You even get a 10% discount code on a massage of choice with your order, how awesome is that!

I think it’s safe to say that Noli impressed me, and it’s always a little scary when friends make products because what do you do when you don’t like it? But I’m definitely a fan and will for sure try other products like the shampoo in the future! Noli is a brand to keep your eye on because besides working really well, their packaging and branding is so beautiful and luxurious!

Now for the surprise! Anouk gave me a 10% discount code to share with my lovely followers and readers! Use code ‘C&C10’ to order from @noli.naturalskincare and get a 10% discount on any of the products! Right now ordering happens through instagram but keep your eyes open for the brand new website coming soon! This code is valid until the 8th of January 2021, so be quick if you’re interested!


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