Anyone that uses mascara knows the struggle of throwing away a whole plastic tube every time you run out of mascara or it’s time to get rid of it because it has expired. I was wondering if there were any more sustainable options for mascara because it’s definitely not something easy to replace with a zero waste alternative. At first I tried a cake mascara but this formula just wasn’t giving me the desired effect. And then I discovered the brand Zao!

Zao makes organic, vegan and refillable makeup! They realized that when a product is difficult to make it zero waste, the next best thing would be to make it as low waste as possible! With a lot of their products, the way it works is that you buy a full set of the product with it’s filling once and when it’s time to replace, you only buy the filling! I chose a brown volume & sheating mascara. The tube within is replaceable and you just unscrew it!

I chose this mascara because I love adding volume to my lashes and this one does just that by adding a layer over your lashes so they appear to look fuller. I picked brown because I would use it daily and I prefer a more natural look in my day to day life.

As promised the mascara does add quite a bit of volume and a little bit of length but it’s definitely not an intense mascara. It gives you a nice natural look and makes your eyes bigger without being too dramatic or unrealistic. The picture below is without using any curling tools, so only the mascara!

The brush is very thin and easy to manage, it doesn’t poke my eyes at all which is something I’ve had happen with previous volumizing mascara’s before! I also have very sensitive eyes and this mascara doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. The only thing that I don’t like about it is after a long day or wearing it, it can start smudging underneath your eyes. This happens often with mascara’s that aren’t water proof but it’s something I have to pay attention to on a long day. If I know I’ll be out for a long time I won’t put any mascara on my bottom lashes. Because it isn’t waterproof it’s very easy to remove and it wipes away super easily! For daily wear and sensitive eyes this is amazing!

All in all, I’m really happy with this mascara for daily use and I’m excited to maybe try some of their other products in the future! Another thing I go through quickly is face powder so I might try that next time!

Have you ever tried a more sustainable mascara? What kind did you try?

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