When I was travelling to Amsterdam by Train, I had some time to kill in the station and stumbled across an Etos store, I was looking for an easy body moisturizer I could quickly use and Etos is cruelty free so I was very excited!

The main reason I wanted a new moisturizer is because the body butters and oils I have didn’t dry fast enough to quickly use before leaving for school. That’s why I picked up this Body Lotion Seconde, it immediately dries!
I also picked up this SOS Repair Body Lotion, it has calendula extract, I’m not the biggest fan of the scent but it is very hydrating!

I also found this oil that calms and repairs the skin after removing hair, it can be used after waxing and I’ve used it after shaving as well. It’s not too oily and my skin felt amazingly smooth after using it!

If you’re looking for a quick, available and cruelty free skincare option, Etos is definitely a great choice!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

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