Ever since getting my diffuser, I’ve been very into essential oils and discovering the different benefits of them. I love adding things to my diffuser or just putting a few drops in the bathtub or on my cherry pit pillow, here’s my ‘collection’ of essentials oils and what they can be used for!
I keep most of my essential oils in this cute handmade box I got when I was younger, probably in a little shop on holiday, or on the market, I don’t remember! The rest are stored in my bedside table.

This first set of essential oils are from De Tuinen, sold at Holland & Barrett. I have the Sleep Well one twice because I use it so often and it was on sale! I love adding this to my diffuser or my cherry pit pillow at night. The Anti-stress I love using during exams or when I feel stressed out for any reason at all. The relaxing one is great to add to the bath or to my wax burner in the bathroom.

The next set is from PurEssentiel (I got them from NewPharma online) and they aren’t mixes like the first one. I have Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Marjoram and Asian Rosewood. The Peppermint is great for adding to DIY cleaning supplies, the chamomile and Rosewood can be very relaxing. And lastly the Marjoram can be used for a bunch of different things such as trying to relieve pain!

These three you might recognize from my blogpost. You can check it out there, but since they are mixes they kind of speak for themselves: Relaxing, Respiratory and Purifying! These are especially for my diffuser and I use them all the time!

The last two bottles in the little box are a Lemongrass oil I got for free and haven’t really found a use for and a regular lemon one that’s also great for cleaning supplies!

In my beside table drawer I also have these larger bottles. I have eucalyptus and lavender which I mostly use in the bathtub. The tea tree oil can be used in cleaning supplies or even on you skin and the valerian is for panic attacks or stress!
All of these different oils can be used in so many different ways, I’ve probably haven’t even tried half of the different uses! I love how versatile and natural this is and it’s such a big part of my self care routine now!
Have you ever used essential oils? Which ones do you like? Tell me in the comments down below!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

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  1. I got a diffuser for my birthday (amazon still hasn't deliverd it yet…) But it's so difficult to fin essential oils that you like, but that are also pet/cat safe. So many scents are toxic to cats that I just panic before even buying them. Next time I'm in herbacos or Holland & Barrett I'll just have to take my time and have my list with toxic oils with me.

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