I have been shopping secondhand and outlet stores for the past year now and avoiding high street or ‘fast’ fashion as much as possible. But I haven’t bought anything yet from ‘fair fashion’ brands. I’d been on the lookout for certain items for a while now and I just couldn’t find them secondhand, so I decided to splurge and treat myself to these items brand new, from fair fashion web shops!

The first item I picked up are these shorts from Sophie Stone, by the brand Thinking MU, they are 100% organic cotton and they are exactly what I needed for this summer! The fabric is very thick and structured and fits my body great. They were €59,95.

The legs are supposed to be a little wider but as you may notice my thighs are a little heavier, I actually have a different size on my waist than I do on my legs, so I’m just excited these fit! There’s an elastic band in the back, so if I lose more weight they will probably still fit me!

I also got another pair of shorts, but a looser fit, from Wolf & Storm from the brand Friday’s Project. They were €49 and are very light and loose!

They are a little bit high wasted but can be worn however you prefer because the elastic is quite flexible. The fabric is so soft!

I also love the little detail on the pocket.

Then I got a dress from People Tree for €55,08, I was on the lookout for a summery dress that’s long enough to wear to school or for work related things. It ended up being a little warmer than expected because the fabric is quite heavy, but it will be amazing in spring and autumn and I find it very flattering. 

I would love to combine this with a denim jacket and some Converse or some cute sandals.

The last thing I got is a jumpsuit from Nancy Dee, it was about €40 (35 pounds). I wanted a romper with looser bottoms and this one is perfect! It’s perfect to wear around the house on holiday, or on a very hot day!
I’m extremely satisfied with my little fair fashion haul and I’ll definitely check out these brands again if I ever need anything I can’t find in thrift stores. I also got some underwear as well because I don’t want to buy those secondhand. These items are definitely more expensive than I was used to when I bought fast fashion, but there are ethically made and of great quality so I don’t really mind!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine 

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