About a week ago I posted a drink on my Instagram and Facebook page, I found it at my local grocery store and absolutely loved it, it’s a sparkling matcha ‘soda’, but soon after I couldn’t find it anymore, so I started thinking, could I make something like this myself? And I did!

I decided to try and make it myself with my Soda Stream (full review here). I checked the ingredients and noticed there weren’t many, so I would be able to recreate it with just matcha powder and maybe a little bit of sweetness like sugar
The first thing you’ll need is either cold tap water for you Soda Stream, or just sparkling water if you don’t have one. I like it chilled because that makes the drink that much more enjoyable.

If you’re using a Soda Stream, make your water carbonated before adding any of the ingredients, because that’s important not to damage your machine in the long run!

The next thing you’ll need is fine Matcha green tea powder, I had gotten mine from Pit & Pit, before trying to go zero waste, but you only need a little bit at a time, so this little pot will last me ages! You can find Matcha powder in glass jars with recyclable caps in most organic or health foods stores though! Maybe even in zero waste bulk stores?

Depending on how strong you want the flavor to be, use just a pinch or about half a teaspoon, if you use a lot like I do, you’ll have to stir it around again before drinking it, because it will sink to the bottom of the bottle.

As a sweetener, I use regular fine sugar, you’ll see why in the next picture, but you could use very liquid honey or agave or maybe even something like Stevia but I don’t enjoy the taste of that!
After simply adding the Matcha powder to the bottle, I add a little bit of sugar to sweeten, I added a little bit more after this because it wasn’t sweet enough.

When you drop in the sugar, it will start to fizz, this will kind of mix the matcha in with the water already!

If you need to stir a little bit more, I just use a reusable chopstick because it’s long and easy to fit in the bottle neck 😉 You could also make just 1 glass of matcha, by adding you ingredients in your glass before pouring over the sparkling water, but I like to make an entire bottle!

As you can see, I made mine quite strong so it’s very green! But you can add as little or as much as you like, it all tastes great! I personally love the flavor of matcha! It’s has great health benefits as well as being energizing like caffeine, which is great during exams or at work!
I was thinking about creating a series, recreating drinks and snacks that aren’t zero waste, if there’s any you’d like to see made that I could create, let me know in the comments and I might give it a go! If you’re interested in a Sodastream and you want to support my blog you can purchase one through my affiliate link!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine
Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, please bear in mind that if you make a purchase through my links, I will earn a commission. I will only do this to products I recommend and use myself, it's important to me to be honest to my readers. 

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