Ever since I did a green smoothie challenge, I’ve been hooked! I almost never make a smoothie without some type of green vegetable in it. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips with you!

Powder power
I recently picked up these powder packs at Holland & Barrett, they are basically dehydrated fruits or vegetables in powder form. You can just add a few spoons of the powder to any smoothie to give it a little extra kick of vitamins! The green boost pack is amazing to add if you don’t have any fresh greens and the berry packs are good to add to a green smoothie to make it a little sweeter!

Add some sweetness
Every green smoothie can use a little sweetness, I always try to add at least one sweet fruit that makes the whole smoothie a lot yummier. Oranges are easy, just juice or peel them, but melon or kiwi can taste great with greens like spinach as well!Frozen greens
It can be difficult to keep your greens fresh, especially if you’re alone, so I always keep some type of frozen greens in my freezer. Sadly this isn’t very zero waste but I’m thinking about freezing my own greens soon! It’s also important to create enough variety in your diet, don’t only use spinach in your smoothies, dry different things! If you keep a bunch of different greens in your freezer, it’s easy to grab something different every time you make a smoothie.

Blend greens first
If you don’t have an amazing high speed blender, getting your greens to go smooth can sometimes be difficult. The easiest way to make sure you don’t have chunks, is to blend your greens with some liquid before adding anything else!

Proteine kick
I often add some plant protein to my green smoothies, I love getting hemp powder because it’s rich in protein and doesn’t really taste like anything at all. It also doesn’t taste grainy!

Hope you find these tips helpful!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

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  1. I should really make more green smoothies instead of only fruit smoothies! And I'll definitely take a look at some powders!

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