In my UK Cruelty Free Haul I featured these two Alba Botanica products. I use a lot of different hair products because I constantly change my hairstyle and how I wear my hair. Sometimes I let it air dry and leave my waves, sometimes I straighten it, and sometimes I leave it somewhere in between by coming it out. I’ve tried using these two products in a bunch of different ways and here are my thoughts! I got the Hawaiian Marula Miracle Leave-in conditioner and the Hawaiian anti-frizz serum.

The Hawaiian anti-frizz serum is supposed to make your hair smooth and frizz free. Even though it says ‘sleek’ on the packaging, I‘ve used it when I’ve left my hair wavy as well. I love using just the tiniest bit of this when my hair is towel dry or when it’s almost dry and it’s looking a little frizzy. It’s also great to use if I’m blowdrying my hair and want it to look a little smoother and sleeker. I use this almost every time I wash my hair and I absolutely love it!

I use the Hawaiian Marula Miracle leave-in conditioner a little less than the serum. Usually if I have enough time in the shower, I use conditioner and sometimes even a mask as well. If I do that, my hair is moisturized enough and adding more product would make it too heavy and greasy. I do however love using this when I’m running late, I wash my hair and quickly condition it a little bit in the shower and when I hop out I pat my hair dry and apply this. After that I leave my hair as is and let it air dry. It does at that little bit of extra moisture I need without making it feel too heavy.

What I love about this brand, besides it being cruelty free is that it’s also vegetarian and free of parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances!

Do you air dry your hair or use heat on it? Tell me in the comments! 
Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine.

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  1. I used to wash and blowdry my hair every night, But since I'm going to uni and my class schedule is quite okay, I just wash my hair in the daytime so I can let it dry naturally, my hair is so thankful for it!

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