This Easter holiday, I was back in the UK for two weeks, this year we visited Canterbury, and I soon realized there were more vegan, gluten free and healthy options than ever, so I figured I’d post about my favorite food hotspots!  
  • Vegan Pub – The Monument (separate gluten free menu!)
The first hotspot I checked out was a vegan pub right outside the city center, walking distance from all the shops, they had a separate gluten free menu which meant that they had multiple vegan AND gluten free options (as well as deserts!). You can visit their website here. It’s a really cosy pub with traditional dishes made vegan, it’s dog friendly and the food is delicious! 
I got the gluten free mac & cheese burger, my brother’s girlfriend got the non-gluten free one, my mom and brother ordered the ‘fish’ and chips which was made from tofu. We also got some nachos to share and I ordered a vegan, gluten free apple crumble sundae, I didn’t feel hungry for the rest of the day oops!
  • The Skinny Kitchen (healthy foods and drinks)

The Skinny Kitchen is on the main shopping street and has some great healthy juices and drinks as well as a menu full of healthy and protein rich dishes. They use icons to tell you which dishes are gluten free or vegetarian/vegan as well as icons to tell you the health benefits like ‘omega fats’ or good to ‘get lean’. You can check out their locations and menu online.

I got a big green juice with lots of ginger and my mum got a little fresh lemonade which she absolutely loved!

  • Gluten free restaurant – Oscar & Bentley’s (vegan options & allergy specialists)

This restaurant near the main street is absolutely amazing, the entire menu is gluten free, they have many dairy free, vegan, vegetarian or nut free options and are happy to listen to you if you have any additional allergies. We all loved our food, even my dad who can be a bit sceptical about gluten free foods! Check out their story on the website.

I ordered the fish and chips (with actual fish this time) and so did my mom. This is the first time I’ve eaten something breaded like this since going gluten free, that actually tasted great!

My brother got a curry.

And here’s my dad already tucking into his hamburger!

They have many great desert options as well, I ordered a crumble but accidentally finished it before even thinking about taking a picture. Oscar & Bentley’s welcomes dogs as well, and this time we took our dog with us, they even gave him a little bowl of water.

I’d also like to give an honorable mention to The Lady Luck, they have many gluten free and vegan options that looked great but we didn’t get a chance to visit there before we went home!

It’s safe to say I really enjoyed my holiday in Canterbury, I do recommend getting lots of exercise by walking around the city because there’s so much great food!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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