This was the list I wrote in 2017:

* Do a perfectly controlled pull up with great form
* Go surfing in August (or at least try not to fail miserably at it!)
* Do a regular plank for 2 minutes
* Do a handstand (against the wall)
* Do 5 perfect pushups

I haven’t worked on pull ups or the hand stand yet because I’m not strong enough yet. But I am consciously doing exercises in the gym and during yoga to strengthen the muscles I will need to make this happen.
I’ve also managed to finally do a standing push up against the wooden box in the gym, I can now do a few and every time bend over a little more horizontally. When I started out in 2017 I couldn’t even do one against the wall! I’m confident I will do an actual push up on the floor this year!
I’ve also been working in planks a lot and I’m very close to doing 1 minute regular plank, to think I was struggling with 10 seconds in a knee plank position only an year ago!
And the best news; I’ve actually done one of my goals! I did actually go surfing in August of 2017! I didn’t really manage to stand up on my board yet but I was in the ocean for 2 hours trying my best. I was extremely tired and my muscles were aching a lot, but I didn’t do any damage because I warmed up, trained for it and really gave my body the rest it deserved afterwards, I’m already planning the next surfing experience next summer!

So what’s on my new list?
* Do a perfect pushup
* Go wall climbing once
* Bike to the city centre and back for groceries (without nearly dying)
* Go hiking for 10km
* Do a perfectly controlled pull up with great form
I’ve removed doing a handstand because I’ve realized I’m nowhere near reaching it and would rather focus on other goals, like starting hiking and trying wall climbing! 
What are your fitness or health goals this year?
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Oohh I want you to come to Ghent so we can go boulder together, it's so much fun, especially because you can do it in your own tempo. I've only done it once, but I want to go with my friends more in the next semester. And I would love to join you for the 10K hike!

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