Hey babes! In the second half of 2017, I started shopping second hand more frequently because I’ve been trying to steer clear from fast fashion (and I’ve actually been doing really well considering I had a shopping addiction not that long ago!). Since I used to do hauls on here, I thought it would be fun to show you a little collective ‘haul’ from last year, I don’t buy as many clothes or as often as I did, which means hauls are a thing of the past!
I hit the best known secondhand shop in Belgium first: Think Twice. I got 3 things then, 2 shirts and a skirt! This first shirt actually has fruits and veggies printed on it and it’s pink and so cute! I can style it in a few ways, I love versatile items like this!
The second shirt I got that day is a eighties style dress shirt with a pretty abstract print that features houses and other things, it’s been worn a ton because it’s sooooo soft!

That day I also got this press button denim skirt which is too short on me to be honest but I still wear it with long shirts and tights underneath! It would be great to wear over a swimsuit in the summer because it’s so easy to take off.

Weeks later I went back during their €2 euro sales and picked up 3 items, another 2 shirts and a skirt. The first shirt I got was a navy and black checkered shirt, it’s a very thick fabric and I wear it almost as a light jacket!

The skirt is a super long wrap skirt with an amazing print. It’s a very tight fit around my waist, but it’s almost a perfect fit too, I love how it closes completely but I when it catches wind you still have that ‘slit’ effect!

The second shirt I got that day is another eighties dress shirt, this print is even more abstract but it’s my favorite one! I’ve been wearing it all the time and it fits me perfectly around the shoulders as well!

I found this denim skirt on 2dehands.be for 50 cents!! It’s a long fit on me which is so rare, usually skirts are way too short on me.

And lastly, at a secondhand market where I was selling old stuff, I picked up this cropped top for a few euros from the lady behind me!

I absolutely adore secondhand shopping now, I used to do it every once in while, usually on holiday, but now it’s where I go first before looking anywhere else. I’ve bought a couple of things in regular stores but most of it was local and I think I only bought 1 item at a fast fashion store in the last sixth months. Hope you enjoyed this new type of ‘haul’!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Such a cute haul, I was totally surprised by the thing you've bought! I wish I could find those skirts in think twice, absolutely adorable! I think 50% of my clothes are bought in thrift shops or given to me secondhand. It's been that way since I'm 15 and there is no way I'm changing that!

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