Hey babes! My friends and family have been asking me: “What would we be able to buy for you! You only want cruelty free, sustainable, ethical,… items and that’s so difficult!” So I thought it would be fun to share some awesome brands and items with you, to give you some sustainable and ethical christmas present ideas! Here they are:

Scented candles from Likami, they have organic, botanical and natural skincare and haircare but also candles! Plus, the packaging is super stylish!

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Coffee to go might be the most wasteful thing to do on a daily basis, you switch out those reusable cups for a cute little KeepCup! I have already have a tumbler I use to get my coffee but I would love to gift these to anyone!

Luvahuva is a British Etsy shop that sells cute and ethical underwear and lingerie! They have some more innocent sets but also some super sexy pieces!

Een bericht gedeeld door Luva Huva Lingerie (@luvahuva) op

KiteNest sells a variety of cruelty free and natural beauty products but these himalayan salt scrubs make an amazing christmas gift!

And if you still don’t know what to buy or put on your wishlist, how about some fair trade and sustainable jewelry? You can never go wrong with a piece of bling! Bondhu makes some very pretty pieces and sells them on Etsy!

There you go! 5 awesome gifts that are cruelty free, sustainable, fair trade,… you name it! It’s easier to stay away from fast fashion and non ethical beauty than you think. Sure nobody is perfect, I know I’m definitely not! But the more we support brands like these, the more we will voice our opinions as consumers! 
Hope you enjoyed these, let me know in the comments if you would like getting any of these this christmas! 
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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  1. I've bought my parents-in-law an organic gift set from an ethical giftshop in the UK. It's called green tulip and I think their presents are so cute!

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