Hey babes! I’ve posted about my aromatherapy diffuser, but I haven’t talked about any essential oils yet! When I was in France, I bought 3 bottles of So’ Bio Étic oil blends! These are the ones I’ve been mostly using in my diffuser because they each have a clear purpose and that makes it easy to use when you don’t feel like combining your own blends. They all contain 7 essential oils to create a perfect blend and are designed specifically for diffusing use. It doesn’t mention the 7 specific oils on the bottle though. You can’t use them on your skin! 

The ones I got are a relaxation, purifying and respiratory synergy. These are all meant to make the body feel at ease and target the specific need.

These are the relaxation synergy drops. This blend is the one I’ve used most, it relaxes and really calms me down. I used this at night when I need to get an early night or feel a little anxious or stressed out.

The second one is the respiratory blend. I love using this one when I have a cold or when it’s really cold outside and the freezing air puts a lot of stress on my throat and lungs!

The last one is a purifying one and I love using this when I clean my room and run around during the day. I makes me feel really fresh and energized and I love the scent on its own as well!

It takes only a few drops to fill the entire room with scent and you can really notice the positive effect when you breathe in. At first the scent is very strong but you get used to it after a few minutes, but you always keep smelling it. I also love the fact that it’s made in France from 100% biological agriculture!

Do you ever use essential oils? Tell me in the comments which ones you have or you would like to get!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. A friend of mine recommended me the relaxation drops from a shop in Ghent (Herbacos). I don't have a diffuser but I do use it during the colder months by putting some drops in a bowl of water and put it on my heater. The scent is so nice and it really destresses me!
    So I just bought 2 more bottles in Holland & Barrett, they're both Jacob Hooy, it was a buy one get one free sale, so I just had to buy them!

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