Hey babes! Last month I started another bachelor’s degree, so I’m back at school and I obviously have a schoolbag now, so I thought it would be fun to do a what’s in my bag post! I have a pink backpack from the brand Red Herring (Debenhams) and I think my pencil case is from HEMA, but I’m not sure anymore! 

I just have the basics in my pencil case, some pens, a pencil, a ruler, pencil sharpener and my neon sharpies! When these run out (which will be a while probably!) I’m getting some neon pencils so I produce less plastic!
Of course I have some school books and notebooks in my bag as well, I organize my subjects per 1 of 2 days of school. I use an Atoma binder, a little folder for loose pages and a separate folder for any other school documents. I’ve labeled the subjects on the outside so I don’t get confused. 
I plan a lot of my things on my phone, but for when my phone is dead, or in classes where phones aren’t allowed, I always have my planner with me. This is great to plan out bigger school tasks as well. 

I mentioned my phone, so of course that’s always in my bag as well. I got this phone case at Topshop.

In my zero waste challenge post I mentioned I wanted to avoid disposable coffee cups, so some days when I know I’ll have a lot of time between classes, I’ll bring my Starbucks coffee tumbler. I always bring my Nike bottle with me, we have a water fountain at school. I also bring my little utensil set.

I’ve had these for a very long time, since high school, but they got lost between camping supplies and I recently rediscovered them. At work I could use the silverware, but at school, these make it a lot easier to enjoy a zero waste lunch.

I’ve also gotten into the habit of bringing an empty tote, and now also 2 produce bags for when I need to do a little emergency shopping. My school isn’t that far away from a zero waste store, but I still have to check it out! Sometimes I bring lush, sometimes I go out to buy something. 

I always have my wallet and keys with me as well. I’ve had this wallet for a few years now and I got it a Michael Kors outlet, I’ll probably have this one for years to come but when I ever replace it I’ll probably get a vegan/ecological alternative to leather. On my keychain I have a little case where I keep earplugs for noisy events!

In my front pocket I keep my sunglasses from Tesco, my actual glasses and a little card holder with my transport cards like my MOBIB public transport card, Antwerp bike card,..

I bring my charger (we have outlets at school), I leave the house at 8 and get back at around 18u30, so I need to be able to charge my phone during the day. I also have a little usb drive and my music ear buds. 

Sometimes I take a book with me to read on the tram, right now I’m reading this book by Mindy Kaling, I’m considering trying trading books when I’m done with it, so if anyone is interested, hit me up!

And last but not least, my little beauty pouch! I bring some Essence blotting sheets, painkillers, a little mirror and brush combo, some face powder, a lip balm, a hair tie and tissues. I still have quite the tissue stash I have to work through before I can try a zero waste alternative. But used tissues can go into the compost and the plastic wrapper goes into our foil bin, that we bring to the recycling depot!

That’s everything in my school bag, hope you enjoyed this little peek into my personal life!
What’s an essential in your day to day bag? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I have to make a habit out of bringing tote bags with me in my backpack. I always forget them, thank god I have bicycle bags!

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