Hey babes! I’ve been cleaning out my makeup stash but I still have so many products I like that I don’t want to get rid of, so I thought I’d do a project pan to try and use some of my products more often. Project pan is basically a challenge where you pick a certain amount of products (I picked 10) and you try to hit pan or finish them. I sometimes try to avoid hitting pan because I like a product, which is ridiculous because makeup is made to use it and not just collect. Let me show you which products I picked out for the project and why!

1. Naked Palette 
I picked this one out because it’s one of the first high end eyeshadow palettes I got (and hauled!), I love the pigmentation and I use some of the colours often but definitely not all of them. By the end of this challenge I would love to have some go to eye makeup looks, with every colour in this palette. I really don’t use this one enough for how easy it is to blend!

2. MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation 
This foundation is my perfect shade right now but will probably go bad if I don’t use it now, I love the formula as well and it’s great for daily use because a little goes a long way and it’s hydrating. I want to use up some of my foundations because I have way too many. It’s about half way full even though it’s not noticeable in the picture. It’s also not cruelty free so I’m trying to finish it before other brands.

3. Maybelline blush
This is a really great blush for daily use, I love the colour but it’s not the best blush I have. I don’t really like the packaging and I wouldn’t mind it being the first blush to leave my stash (ease into it right?). It’s not a cruelty free brand either so I don’t feel as bad about hitting pan with this one. I also feel like this one might dry out faster than others because of the formula.

4. Bourjois Lip Pencil in Funky Brown
I don’t use my lip pencils enough so I wanted to include a lip pencil in this challenge, this is a great daily colour that goes well with a lot of lipsticks. I also picked this one because it’s one of the only brands that I don’t have multiple colours of, so it doesn’t really ‘match’ my stash.

5. MAC Wash n’ Dry bronzer
I love using this bronzer daily because it’s so light and blendable but it’s not that noticeable so it’s not the best addition to my makeup stash. It also doesn’t match my stash as much as other bronzers because of the limited edition design (which is pretty of course). And the packaging is pretty bulky as well. This formula is also pretty dense, so I’m a little scared it might go bad quite soon. It’s also MAC, so obviously not cruelty free.

6. Smashbox Contour Set 
I got this Smashbox contour set quite a while ago and haven’t used it yet (shame on me!). I rarely contour (I always bronze) so it’s also a great challenge for me to start contouring more in my daily life. These colours seem quite easy to work with and it’s in a handy compact with a mirror so I can easily take it with me while travelling.

7. Milani Eyebrow Set 
Since I’ve been colouring and waxing my brows, I don’t fill them in as often, even though it still adds something to my face. I should probably do it more often and this little kit is pretty easy to use daily. It also has a highlight that I should use more often. I would like to finish this product because it’s quite bulky and I do prefer pencils or waxes.

8. Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner
I never ever wear a liquid black liner and I really should do it more often because I like the way it looks on me. I chose this one because it’s my oldest one (that I haven’t tossed because it’s TOO old). I hope that after this challenge I will have tried wearing liquid eyeliner more often!

9. MAC Lipstick Kinda Sexy
I chose a nude lipstick to finish because it seems like something I have so many of and don’t wear enough. I picked this specific one because I have two of them. I bought the second one after I started getting obsessed with the colour. But now I have so many more lipstick colours I love and I like switching all the time, so why do I need two?

10. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade
Another MAC product on the list, this is a beautiful highlighter that I never use, I love the way it looks one me. It’s either natural or a little more intense if you build it up. I would love to wear more highlight because I usually only wear it if I go out at night!

So, those were my 10 products I would like to finish. I’m not really giving myself a set period of time but I would love to see a lot of progress by the end of the year. And I’m also trying to stay on my makeup no buy while doing this. I think I will allow myself to buy something new if I finish anything from this list (but I might not want or need to buy anything of course!).

Hope you enjoyed this list and I will update you on my progress next month! I am doing this challenge in collaboration with The Pink Perfectionist, because you always need a challenge buddy! So go ahead and check out which products she picked out here (Dutch).

Do you like hitting pan or do you avoid it? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. As you know, I almost only wera lipstick, so I've collected a good amount of them and I still haven't hit pan. There is one though, my favourite (Kate Moss Rimmel London in the shade 112) and it's been my go to lipstick for a while now. Since it was a limited edition you can't buy it anymore, I really didn't want to hit pan. But I've found a good dupe for it so now I just want to use it all up.

  2. Yaaayyy! Wat heb je leuke producten uitgekozen om op te maken. Onze stashes gaan er zo goed uitzien na afloop, haha!

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