Hey babes! I used to work full time up until last month, I start school again in september which basically gave me a summer holiday. I already have some time abroad planned but the rest of the time will be spent doing a lot of projects and trying to make some big lifestyle changes! These 5 goals are things that have been on my mind lately and I really want to develop more in the coming months!

* Sell or donate old items 

I’ve been cleaning out my childhood home ever since I moved out last year, but I’ve stepped it up lately, I’m going through everything asking myself the question ‘Do I really want and use this?’ Because sometimes you want something but you don’t actually use it. I’ve been going through my clothes, accessories, makeup, shoes, books,… but I’ve only selected the easy things.

This summer I want to do another round of decluttering, this time making tough decisions. I have boxes filled with things to sell on flea markets or online, and what doesn’t get sold by the end of this year, will be donated! I just love this feeling of getting rid of unnecessary things and giving them a new home!

* Complete my fitness bucket list and stay active

I posted about my fitness bucket list a few months ago, and after a short stay in the hospital and a holiday abroad I’ve been slacking on trying to achieve those goals, but I’m already trying to get back on track, which is new for me. In my past I would easily give up for a few months after a setback but now I’m immediately getting back on my horse! I have my mind set on going surfing next month!

* Read

I really want to buy an e-reader for travelling, but I still have a bookcase full of unread books because to be honest, I don’t read very often anymore. I used to read almost everyday but I’ve been struggling with finding the right time to read. That’s why this summer I want to try different locations and times to read so that I find that spark again! I love reading and it relaxes me so it would be a great habit to pick up! I even want to read in French so I can learn more words!

* Go out and discover 

This last year, while working full time, I’ve been indoors a lot, this has a lot to do with being tired from work and also being busy decorating my apartment. Lately I’ve been going out and travelling more and I already notice how much happier I feel. Even just discovering new bars and cafés in my own city is awesome and I plan on discovering much more in my own city these next few months!

* Use less packaging 

My flatmate (and coincidentally also my best friend) have been reading up on the zero waste lifestyle a lot, we already tried to do our part by recycling and she bikes to work for example, I always drink tap water. But we felt like that wasn’t enough and we could do so much more. Especially since we live near a fresh food market, a zero waste store and a butcher. I’ve posted about small ways to impact our environment before but now I want to make a few bigger changes! It’s going to be a process of course, this doesn’t happen overnight!

What are your summer goals this year? Are some the same as mine? Tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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