Hey babes! I’m always looking for the perfect body scrub and I’ve heard so much about coffee scrub being amazing so when I saw this Coffee Scrub by Body Boom was on sale at Di, I had to try it out!

I decided to go with the original since I had never tried a coffee scrub before, but they also carry a bunch of other ones like coconut or grapefruit! I have to say, when I opened this product the coffee scent was intense! If you don’t like coffee scent, this is definitely not a product for you, because your whole shower will smell like a freshly brewed cup!

They say to massage this scrub in circular motion and then leave it on for 5-10 minutes, I didn’t leave it on that long because I’m honestly not sure what people do during those minutes. I could put my legs up if I’m using this in the bathtub but then I would immediately have to get out of the water because it’s so messy, or I would have to stand in the shower with the water turned off, anyone have any tips on this?

The packaging is a paper bag with a plastic lining that is resealable so it’s not ideal for the bathroom but it works, I prefer pots but I think this is more eco friendly!

As you can see it does actually look like coffee grounds! You can see how this gets messy right? My shower was a mess! But I loved how it worked, my legs were so soft! It’s probably one of the best scrubs I’ve tried so far, although the Therme scrub was really great as well.

I still need to experiment with this to see if leaving it one for 10 minutes makes a huge difference or not but so far I’m very impressed by this scrub and I’m definitely excited to use it more regularly!

What’s your favorite scrub right now?

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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