I recently went to a workshop hosted by The Sustainable Family and discovered they also have a webshop selling zero waste or sustainable items! I was looking for a few swaps and decided to check out these products!

I was first intrigued by these cotton swabs made from bamboo and cotton. They are biodegradable and less wasteful to produce than the regular plastic cotton swabs. I don’t really use this very often because I have a reusable ear swab like this, but sometimes I use them for cleansing my piercing or applying acne lotion. There’s other options for reusable ear swabs as well, like this one from Lamazuna or one that looks more like a traditional one.

I finished the last of my classic bandaids and realized even though I don’t use them often at all, sometimes you can have cut that just needs a bandaid to stop bleeding. I chose these bamboo patches because they aid in healing your wound with natural products as well as being easier to biodegrade.

I always use a toothpaste with fluoride because I have genetically bad teeth that need the extra protection. Often times tooth tabes like these won’t contain any fluoride and I will instantly notice a difference in my enamel. I bought these to try and I have to say they’re way better than ones without. For my daily use I still opt for my toothpaste from the pharmacy but these are great for holidays and sleepovers to make my bag lighter and smaller!

If you want to support a family that lives and breathes sustainability, be sure to checkout Sustainable Family on Instagram! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Bol.com, please bear in mind that if you make a purchase through my links, I will earn a commission. I will only do this to products I recommend and use myself, it's important to me to be honest to my readers. Links to the Sustainable Family website aren't affiliate, all products were purchased with my own money. 

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